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Hoe zonnestormen en zonnevlammen ons mentaal, emotioneel en fysiek beinvloeden

As humans, we can greatly be affected by certain space weather activity, such as solar flares and electromagnetic storms on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Read below about such phenomenon and the various associated symptoms you may experience.

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Zonnestorm houdt Zweedse vliegtuigen aan de grond door verstoring van radar systemen......

Planes were grounded at some of Sweden's busiest airports on Wednesday afternoon because of a "solar storm" interfering with air traffic control radar systems, authorities said.

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Aarde in Middeleeuwen getroffen door zonnevlammen

De aarde is in de Middeleeuwen twee keer getroffen door enorme zonnevlammen, geladen deeltjes die de zon het heelal in slingert.

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Solar revolution

Het gevaar van een Zonnestorm op aarde

Kan een zonnestorm voor onherstelbare schade zorgen op elektrische netwerken en elektrische apparaten? Komt er een enorm zware zonnestorm?

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Solar Flares - Their Inner and Outer Effects

This is an article on the astrology of intense solar activity, the inner or personal effect of solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) events, and related phenomena. In my experience the active Sun provides indicators of a different order of magnitude compared to traditional astrological techniques. When the Sun speaks, we listen. This intense solar flux is the harbinger of true change and should become an integral part of our astrological indicators.

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Global Changes of the Geological Environment

Below are given some results of studies of global environmental changes expressed by the statistics and the scale of various natural disasters, both atmospheric and geological in nature. On the basis of statistical data analysis for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, drift of the magnetic poles and other geological processes it has been demonstrated that the Earth’s geodynamic activity has been continuously increasing over the past 100 years, with this tendency substantially growing in recent decades. This is reflected in the number of casualties and the extent of economic damage caused by natural disasters. The global “energy spike” in endogenous and exogenous processes of the Earth started in the late 1990’s.

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Die Sonne und der Mensch - Dieter Broers

Magnetisch veld van de aarde wordt snel zwakker

De afgelopen zes maanden is het magnetisch veld van de aarde over het algemeen sterk verzwakt. Dat blijkt uit de eerste metingen van drie satellieten van ESA. Het kan erop wijzen dat het magnetisch veld zich binnenkort gaat omkeren.

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CERN werkt idd met zeer sterke magneten die dus aan en uit kunnen....

The detailed analysis was obtained by switching off the powerful magnet situated inside the detector. The magnet is used by the scientists to measure the particles’ momentum with high precision, but it is so strong (100,000 times stronger than the Earth's magnetic field) that the lighter particles with low momentum tend to move towards the magnet and never reach the detector. By turning off the magnets, the researchers were able to precisely count how many particles were produced by colliding protons and at which angle they reached the detector.

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Interessant, de effecten van de maan, zonnestormen etc op ons lichaam

There is now evidence for mechanisms such as calcium flux, melatonin disruption, magnetite and cryptochromes. Both environmental and receptor variations explain confounding factors and inconsistencies in the evidence. Electromagnetic effects might also account for some evolutionary changes. Further research on lunar biological effects, such as acute myocardial infarction, could help the development of strategies to reduce adverse effects for people sensitive to geomagnetic disturbance.

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